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>There is ample evidence to show that the writing systems of Europe, the Middle East and South Asia are descended from Phoenician alphabets.
Oh! And what evidence could it be? I only know many witnesses of that process. Not because they evidenced it or researched it, but what else should they witness if that's what they were taught in universities as established fact. Which is super weird, because even the nearer events have different interpretations, how could they be so sure about that thing? Makes me think of picrelated.
> Phoenicians weren't Jews either (and other jewish mitosis skipped)
Phoenician alphabet is in exactly the same order hebrew alphabet follows. Every other alphabet is somewhat different. Arabic is the same alphabet plus additional consonants. Persian is arabic plus four numberless letters more.
Evropa is phoenician princess. Evri is jews in russian and I think in hebrew too. We actually discussed it in the previous thread: >>11603628
Now imagine if linguistics were allowed to become true science, when passionless cold analysis would show that every nation name is a slur. Ones are cowards, other are thieves, those belong to that one, even though they won independence, and those are actually that other nation whom bible dictates to eradicate (hypothetically, but just imagine what could then be. Can linguistics be pure science? Of course not. But the world has changed, and now with powers of speciafied ai's and with human minds getting access to unprecedented ammounts of information, it's inevitable that humanities are destined to become more scientifically charged inquiries. And that will challenge the existence of nations maybe even more than our cross-border communication.

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you are wrong even about that

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>99% of the scientific community
Did you make the meta-analysis or have you just swallowed what you were fed?

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