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>A Russian book written by a computer in St. Petersburg is to hit the country’s bookstores at the end of January.

>The book, published by the city’s Astrel SPb publishing company, is the work of a computer program, created by a team of IT specialists and language experts.

>The 320-page novel, called “True Love,” is a variation on Leo Tolstoy’s 1877 classic “Anna Karenina” but written in the style of Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

>It is based on 17 famous literary works that were uploaded onto the program. Within 72 hours, the computer generated its novel about true love.

>Alexander Prokopovich, 39, chief editor of Astrel-SPb, said the idea of using the software shocked his editorial team at first, but then they got carried away with the idea. The experiment seemed interesting, Prokopovich said.

Hmm… what kind of CS is this? NLP? How do you write a program that can write novels? Also, can a computer write a better novel than a human?

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