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Looking for a variation chart like this that also has chimps on it.
Humans, Africans, and Chimps.

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Have you honestly never seen a genetic principal component analysis? Just how retarded are you?

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>2 black people can have more genetic variance between them than 2 white people.
perhaps but the 2 black people also share traits that the white people do not have because theyre not black. Yes within races there are thousands of ethnic groups that vary, but you cannot deny that they share more similarities with each other than they do with members of other races. Now we can get into the semantics of why the current definition of race is inaccurate but that doesnt change the fact that human genetic diversity exists and that people who evolved in similar locations evolved similar traits.

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>Yes, [...] point.

>I totally agree with you- the only point where I diverge in how I look at it, is that I don't think races are necessarily phenotypically justified. I think too often our bias of "just because it looks more different makes it more different" is at work a lot more often than not. Tribes in Africa often end up wildly different in certain protein structures and phenotypes that aren't macroscopic because there was a lot of genetic drift, but not much selection on external characteristics. This makes them often times more distinct, possibly even in cognitive ability and other important phenotypic markers, than the distinction between the average white and black man
No, that's incorrect. Granted that there are bigger differences between some african tribes than between swedes and koreans, but the difference between either one of those tribes and either one of swedes or koreans is even larger.

>Genetic analysis doesn't necessarily overlap with traditional racial group in a meaningful way
Yes it does.

> if we define traits like...
Except we don't, we do PCA analysis on thousands of genes and then run clustering algorithms to identify different clusters. And lo and behold, there appear clusters identical to traditional racial groupings.

I think you're ideologically motivated in your viewpoint.

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+ Malaria / Diseases

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>Citing Lewontin

Top lel

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