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If this where true, we would have powers with the mind

1. Conscious manipulation of matter at a quantum level.
2. Understanding and utilization of consciousness for instantaneous communication across vast distances.
3. Exploration of conscious influence on temporal aspects, potentially controlling time loops.
4. Unraveling the mysteries of higher-dimensional interactions guided by consciousness.
5. Recognition and navigation of alternate realities through conscious intent.
6. Advancements in conscious healing practices, influencing the body at a fundamental level.
7. Application of consciousness principles in environmental and ecological restoration.
8. Insights into the conscious interconnectedness between living beings and cosmic entities.
9. Understanding the role of consciousness in shaping fundamental physical constants.
10. Conscious modulation of vibrational frequencies in matter.
11. Exploration of consciousness-guided resonance for transformative energy applications.
12. Mastery of conscious intent in shaping and manipulating complex geometries.
13. Understanding the role of consciousness in decoding and altering information at a quantum level.
14. Conscious interaction with the fabric of space-time, beyond the concept of time loops.
15. Integration of consciousness principles in the development of advanced computing systems.
16. Unveiling the conscious influence on fundamental forces in the universe.
17. Recognition and conscious navigation of the multiverse concept.
18. Harnessing conscious intent for precision in genetic and molecular manipulation.
19. Mastery of conscious influence on the fundamental building blocks of reality, paving the way for changing objects with the mind.

I actually think it the list is true.

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