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You're spending billions on rockets than go to Mars, otherwise known as the Space Launch System

And SpaceX receives government funding I believe, and they're building the BFR in order to go to Mars - and they want to terraform Mars, pic related.

But terraforming of course is a very long way off - it is still the case that NASA and SpaceX are BOTH currently working on spaceships intended for travel to Mars.

And mate, for fuck's sake, nobody is saying Mars is going to colonised TOMORROW are they? For fuck's sake, obviously we're going to send scientists there first and all that shit. There might not even be a permanent base there for 100 years. But we will investigate and explore it won't we? And who knows maybe there will be settlement there at some point? You say it's a uninteresting rock, but do you know what people love more than anything? Land. Space. And Mars has that. Yes it's not ideal in many ways, but as technology gets better, it will become easier for us to make Mars habitable, whether it is by living in artificial habitats with spacesuits and everything, or whether it does involve terraforming.

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