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>he supports meme technologies like thorium
>he doesn't support nuclear fusion
>he shills for free for oil companies and (((green))) industry by spreading falsehoods about fusion

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Are fusion reactors the future, or should we just improve the thermal, and fast reactors we have?

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>he fell for oil industry propaganda about ITER never working
>he fell for boomer fission propaganda about ITER never working

Reminder it is scientifically impossible for ITER to not work. ITER will work and DEMO will be even better. The challenge is to improve upon ITER/DEMO and reduce the cost and deploy across the world as quickly as possible.

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>/sci/ is for nuclear power
>it’s nuclear fission

why aren’t you for fusion? you aren’t one of those retards who fell for the muh its always gonna be 20 years away meme?

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>creates new milestones every time they do any work
>All components nowhere near completion

Will this ever see the light of day? What are their biggest hurdles

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