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Why does the Universe have a speed limit?
Is it a restriction of the simulation?

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How about this. As you approach the speed of light, objects around you will pass you from your perspective faster than the speed of light since your time now is moving much slower. Doesn't that violate something?

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It's been awhile since I've seen a good lateral thinking/logic puzzle thread on here.
Let's fix that.
Post your favorite lateral-thinking challenges, followed by links to the solutions (or posts, whatever).

I'll start:

You are performing an experiment to fine-tune a new electron accelerator.
An electron stream is emitted alongside a laser-pulse aimed directly at a detector plate.
You notice that the electrons are striking the plate before the photons from the laser pulse.
After checking and recalibrating your equipment countless times, you determine that there is no equipment error: the electrons are traveling faster than the photons.

>The electron stream and laser pulse both travel in a straight line and strike the detector at a 90 degree angle
>The e- stream and laser pulse are contained inside individual inert tubes to prevent contamination
>This takes place in our universe; the speed of light is the same
>Assume the lab to be at STP
>Assume that no laws of physics are being violated

Explain this discrepancy.

[Give up? Here's the solution: http://strawpoll.me/6025995]

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