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>>Why don't just like blame a religious deity, or science? An outbreak obviously isn't anyone's fault.
who are you quoting there? it's the who's fault. who also pushes bs pseudoscience as medicine. looks like they should've listened to bill gates. mang was on top of this more than those retards at the who.

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>how do you solve this problem without competent politics or with world leaders who deny science? Im curious.
by having institutions that don't deny science and have checks and balances to make sure they don't just use sciencetm to push their political bs, pic related. you really need to stop acting like the who is some arbiter of scientific fact.

>accent to people social distancing and hygiene. tell people it is a real threat and without these restrictions the health care system will be swept away due to the too fast spread.
you mean like them saying it's not transmissible by human-to-human contact without mentioning the fucking precautionary principle? see here:
you are either disingenuous or haven't been following what's actually going on.

>and what was done ba tmupr, blasonaro and other populistic idiots?
blumpf closed down the fucking air travel to china while the who was bitching at him for it. so please get your facts straight.

>a cripple that gives dancing advices. thank you.

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