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going to continue bumping

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Not a tree, but a good compilation of math topics.

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>I looked up a bit on string theorie

No offence but string theory takes a fuckload of prerequisite math and physics to understand. Anything you think you know about string theory that doesn't include some kind of advanced mathematical method or concept is either an extremely vague analogy that is so dumbed down that it isn't even true, or it's some bullshit made up by someone who doesn't know anything about the theory.

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Here is a picture that gets posted often.
(I know nothing about physics, so I can't say anything about it's accuracy. It may be complete bollocks.)

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Does this seem right to you?

Double Integral over the unit sphere of
(x,y,z)/(x^2+y^2+z^2)^3/2 dot (x,y,z)darea

= darea/sqrt(x^2+y^2+z^2) = surface area of sphere = 4pi?

It seems too easy, just want to make sure.

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what areas of maths has /sci/ covered? post your age and education level for comparison

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Does anyone here know of a good textbook on linear algebra?
Post any other good math books if you desire, Ive got a lot of free time.

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sup /sci/ just read something in my book and it doesn't seem to make sense to me, but I'm probably just having a retard moment
in nuclear fission, the mass of the nucleus is less than the mass of the separated nucleons right?
so when fusion happens, why is energy realised if energy is inputted to overcome the binding energy?

i know i sound like an absolute retard, but help is appreciated

pic unrelated

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ah, fuck my life.
but thanks for pointing it out, I changed it.

I never intended it to be an info graphic, but I guess it can be seen as one. I started writing down math topics and at one point I wanted to transform it to a pic. I also enjoyed the little challenge of writing a scrip which let you write down the words in this disk manner. The colors are a little flashy, but without it would be unsorted. Believe me, I tried.

okay this is really the last update, I'll go to bed.

thanks, I didn't know that

Initially I thought the word "prerequisite" in the title in connection with very broad and abstract mathematical fields would itself explain that it's not too serious. I even wrote it in the OP. Now in that last change I edited away that one line, which might make it look ambiguous.

Take care

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