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see this is the fucking problem, you'renothelping.jpg

just get tyson and nye on TV more. i know /sci/ hates them but they promote basic science literacy and basic critical thinking and even a little bit helps a lot.

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>thought it was an econ thread
>was wrong

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>The argument was that wind power is available now and that for the money we spend on fusion (which is pathetic compared to some spending) we could be building a load of windmills instead.

where does this person live
i wish to slap them

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don't you hate it when a professor is great at lecturing, but horrible at making tests?
to the point where one page is plug and chug, very simple, but next is full of these bizarre real-world problems with extremely vague hints, and that constant sense that he's TRYING to trip you up? making you re-do problems over and over again from different directions to make sure your answer wasn't just a trick answer?

i'll say this much;
god damnit sirola

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a big obstacle to this entire project is my lack of the necessary equations to begin the number crunching process. being a computer science major and not a nuclear engineering major is kind of hindrance to this.
but damnit i'll see this through in some form

i'm looking into modern ceramics as a coating replacement for the hastelloy. Hastelloy is fantastic for high temp high corrosive environments, but it's expensive to make and even more expensive to form. it's also monstrously strong, which is something i don't really need. Ceramics might sacrifice that strength for just the same heat and corrosion resistance

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oh god damnit.
now it won't read in the double value i'm sending it, same exact problem as before, goes right up to the
double value = in.nextDouble();

then pauses forever

of course it's in a while(in.hasNext()) so maybe it's just being a bitch about what kinds of values its getting

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local in the sense of maybe a mile around the plant? yes.

the only reason they're really bothering to keep them cool is to save clean up costs for the plant owners, and just in case, like, the containment vessel gets hit by a meteor and breaches or something.

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