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good format but that pun's so bad it's not even a pun
no points awarded

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"the number is instead defined using the spectral properties of the real number system"

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Infinitists don't believe in microscopes or microorganisms cause they're "too small to imagine, therefore must be indistinguishable from nothing at all"

only unimaginably small thing here is the brain of an infinityshitter.

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They sure are.

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>In the arrow paradox (also known as the fletcher's paradox), Zeno states that for motion to occur, an object must change the position which it occupies. He gives an example of an arrow in flight. He states that in any one (duration-less) instant of time, the arrow is neither moving to where it is, nor to where it is not.[13] It cannot move to where it is not, because no time elapses for it to move there; it cannot move to where it is, because it is already there. In other words, at every instant of time there is no motion occurring. If everything is motionless at every instant, and time is entirely composed of instants, then motion is impossible.

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I'm not sure your question actually makes sense. What has a working definition of infinity done that the rest of math hasn't?

What has the rest of math ever done?
The penultimate application of math was making a calculator that can do math real fast and it's called it a computer.

>ahuhuh guys look [math]\infty[/math] looks like boobs!

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Infinity is not a number. You get an F.

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>l just got back from presenting at a large seminar

Is it supposed to give you an argument from authority anon?
Maybe stop being so insecure

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Suppose [math]j_1, j_2[/math] are (Lawvere-Tierney) topologies in a topos, and let [math]\land \colon \Omega \times \Omega \to \Omega[/math] be the classifying morphism of [math](t, t) \colon 1 \to \Omega \times \Omega[/math], where [math]t \colon 1 \to \Omega[/math] is a truth morphism. How do I prove [math]\land (j_1, j_2)\colon \Omega \to \Omega[/math] is a topology? It's probably some very simple thing I can't see, but I just can't.

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here's your gold star

maybe one day you'll win an argument

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This is why people make fun of computer scientists.

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