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>professor uses microsoft word instead of latex

even handwritten notes would look more professional. i think his undergrad was in computer science which probably explains it

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Fair enough. Guess I'll start, idk why I thought there was any other way.

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I am in my 4th year of my undergrad of a BA in mathematics and I no longer care about the subject. I can barely be bothered to graduate at the end of this year (if I do pass all my classes). I certainly have no interest in going to grad school.

I feel like I have some creativity bubbling beneath the surface but also feel trapped by needing to do assignments and attend online math society meetings and honors seminars.

Given that covid has rendered the university experience ghey and cringe, would it make sense to drop out for a year and try to develop some personal projects for the future middling software development job I am inevitably bound for? Honestly I kind of just want to learn to paint. I'm going insane in this fuckign quarantien bulllshit

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>intelligence capacity

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How many of you are really passionate about your medical studies or work?

I am considering study medicine and becoming a part time GP to be close-knit to my community, help others and learn valuable medical skills. But my spare time I'd rather spent selfishly pursuing my true passion which is metaphysics and theology. Maybe I'd do some related job to that on the side.

/med/ do you think studying medicine is worth it when it's not your true passion but nonethless it interests you a lot and would allow you to pursue your true passion? Seeing that it takes care of your altruistic, social and financial needs.

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