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If we cease to exist after we die, what is the point of trying to gain all this math/science knowledge? What’s the point of working hard and saving money? What’s the point of trying to look our best when looks will fade and decay? What’s the point of improving ourselves if we will simply cease to exist after so many years? I understand people may remember us after we die, but they will die, and eventually anyone who knew of you will die and unless you’re famous or something, it’ll be like you never even existed at all.
That’s why I’m a NEET. I refuse to work at McDonalds or Walmart to pay my bills. I refuse to try to go college and study “math” and “science”. It’s hard, it’s annoying, it’s tiring, and in the end, it holds no purpose. I refuse to “exercise” or “brush my teeth”. Again, there is no point. If I’m comfortable being what you’d call a “lazy fat piece of useless shit”, so be it. Who the fuck are you? You’re not superior to me. You’re going to fucking die too and no one will give half a shit about your stupid fucking graduate degree in STEM.
We aren’t much different from each other. Human beings. Our personalities can be broken up into categories and types. Maybe you’re smarter than me, but at the end of the fucking day, we’re not that different. We’re the same species. We use the same body parts to function. We all feel emotions. We are the same. If you choose to live your life trying to progress the world scientifically even though you won’t see the impact you’ve had after you died, be my fucking guest. Sounds stupid. I don’t care about future generations. Why should I? Not my problem. Not yours either. They can get fucked.
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