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>he thinks he can be a physicist and not be a Platonist

I can understand the biology-brainlets falling for the Naturalism meme, but I'd hope actual scientists aren't so myopic

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Hey anons, I've been meaning to ask. How can you differentiate a faked/badly done/infactual study from a real one? I've been just checking for control groups, placebo groups, etc.

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CS + Math double major Master race reporting

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I am 21 years olds, got officially tested last year and scored 98, which I expected. I will get my electrical engineering bachelor's degree next year, my grades are average but I work really really hard and was given a strong work ethic by my parents since I was a child which is what allows me to succeed in fields where the average IQ is 120-130.

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This is highly classified and I shouldn't be sharing this information. I could get killed, but I sure hope that this information only stays in this thread.

Computers will be able to read commands and generate programs itself in about 1 year from today.

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This man deserves a Nobel prize.

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this so called climate change is a result of the increased industrialization around the world; all the metal and electricity is causing the monopoles of the earth to expand

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Would like to calculate the area under her curves if you know what I mean

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>Axiom: psychology and it's subsets are memes, unscientific.
>Given: OP believes IQ measures intelligence.
>>IQ is unscientific.
>>>OP fell for the IQ meme.
>>>>taking the square root of OPs mistake leads us to two conclusions
>>>>x1=OP is trolling and pretending to believe in the IQ meme.
>>>>x2=OP is a faggot
Since we can only measure the IQ cancer memes on sci on absolute values this leads us choose x2.
>>>>OP is a fag.

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Why do so many people on this board claim that physics degree is either a meme, or a bad idea for a degree?
t. military fag about to enroll in le higgs boson master race degreh next year

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Being good at math is genetic.

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Geez, I dunno, your school definitely doesn't seem shitty at all.

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>spend so much time learning derivatives
>mind is so numb from all this derivative practice
>do some physics problems
>trivial as fuck because of derivatives

Thanks, Calculus!

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this thread is going nicely

let's add a frog meme

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I"m just a few weeks into a Maths degree.

It happens that my fellow companions made a whatsapp group and they sometimes post low quality math memes... integrals, e^x and i... you know the deal.

Also happens I lost a folder with actually decent science/math jokes.

Give me your best /sci!


and love

and hi to the aliens on mars

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2sqrt(2/3) = sqrt(4) * sqrt(2/3) = sqrt(8/3)

sqrt(2+2/3) = sqrt(6/3 + 2/3)= sqrt(8/3)

What confused everyone was the fact that we haven't seen fractions written like that since 4th grade so using our supa hot IQ we assumed 2 2/3 was 2*2/3 as to follow the format of the "Explain this faggots"

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