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When it comes to race realists I notice contradictions with what they say. They claim segregation is needed based on iq. But they also believe in eugenics. So if they believe some races have lower average iqs why would they not think of using eugenics to boost iq? Like incentivizing high iq parents to have more kids. Any bemoaning about iq or crime rates from them and I simply don’t believe it since they are supporters of eugenics.

As well they say that people are naturally racially tribal. Yet in america around half of the white population favors poltics that according to white nationalists are “anti white.” And the vast majority of all white people in america have little to no racial solidarity. It is only the fringe white nationalists who side with their race. And of this fringe, most have an “awakening” story of how they were able to realize that they should have solidarity with whites. So by their own words racial poltical tribalism is something people need to learn or how they say it need to be redpilled on.

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