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>don't talk about anything interesting because someone somewhere might have homework on it
ok retard

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>What is transcriptomics?
>what is population genetics?
Smooth brained

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>deciphering which report I want to read to find out how half the world is going to get flooded from a 2% increase of water in the ocean and make everyone homeless
still don't see that link, nigger. Not searching through 1000s of words of bullshit just to find what obscure conjecture you're referencing from some government grant sucking parasites.

lmao, imagine being such a brainlet you can't even google a basic highschool biology fact. want me to provide sources on 2+2=4 as well? Fucking retards.

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How do neurons become connected based on stimulation from the bodily peripherals? How do memories become formed and then accessed to create a template for further neuronal connections? I try to think of neurons in terms of electrical components but it doesn't really work since neurons are so flexible and there seems to be so much redundancy. I just don't get how some information can be so readily transcribed in the brain and recalled later to be built upon further. It's actually crazy when you think about it. Also, why the fuck do I keep remembering things from dreams I had years ago?

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what is that symbol mean sir
care to explain dear

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Holy fucking shit. Is this guy god? what the fuck? how does he know so fucking much? he's literally godlike.
What the fuck, do humans like this one really exist?? how tf does someone learn so freaking much? why do brainlets get publicly admired while these literally godlike man get ghosted? so people here are at THIS level?
I guess people like me are just genetically inferior. There is something with you guys that the laymen like me dont have. Youre literally godlike what the hell

I'd gladly kill myself just to allow more oxygen so these people can breathe more. I'm just a waste of space. I'd kindly offer my ass to be used as a sperm cube just to please these übermensch.
Pic related me

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>I am the observer

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>It's probably not good to interact with it, too often.
No fucking way Sherlock

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You are retarded and are only hurting yourself if you goal is to get into an American or British university.

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Im really not trying to pity brag here, i just want some opinions on what may be my problem:

>i was always a very articulated kid and would find it easy to talk and express myself in public
>always did it well in almost all subjects except maths (even physics and Chen, although i think i only did it well on tests because shit was very chug and plug)
>scored ~135 on an IQ test on a psych at 16 or so
>still only got able to ease myself with maths recently

I just don't understand wtf was with me. I don't know if it has to do with ADHD or the fact that i always got allergic rhinitis that tampered my breath or any shit like this

Do you have any opinions with what may have gone wrong ?

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Why is it that my brain can't enumerate all the things it knows, but instead only knows whether it knows something when it's put in a situation where it needs to know it?

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>implying the diagram is to scale
I don't see any notation for parallel lines or right angles, have any of you verified (using only the numbers given) that the shape is indeed a trapezoid?

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>circles dont exist

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>libertarian free will

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>announcing reports

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>does not spend all his sleeping hours lucid dreaming or meditating

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right, because there were obviously only 2 candidates running in the last election...
gtfo brainlet

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>t. brainlet

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>Consequently, Ottoman Turkish was largely unintelligible to the less-educated lower-class and rural Turks, who continued to use kaba Türkçe ("raw/vulgar Turkish", as in Vulgar Latin), which used far fewer foreign loanwords and is the basis of the modern Turkish language.

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Help me understand Special Relativity.
Can one actually use its effects in a relativistic-speeds spaceship to 'expand the crews lifetime'.
As in, getting to distant star in months or even almost instantly (when fast enough), from the perspective of the crew of course, not Earth or the destination.

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>Do I need to know long division while attempting my 4 year STEM degree? What use is it in anything besides math?

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