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This is not a usable definition. What's a clap? What happened at number of claps = 0? How many claps can you fit between a pair of claps?

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>Tell doc I'm having trouble sleeping
>She sends me to get a blood test
>Go inside the clinc that takes my blood sample
>Check in at the reception, get some stickers I'm supposed to bring to the lab person
>Go in room
>It's just a fat girl with syringes
>Doesn't say a word
>I just handover the stuff to her and sit down on the chair next to her
>Hate needles
>Start sweating
>She takes my arm
>I look the other way because I hate the idea of the image of getting stung
>Tense up in my arm
>After a while I sort of move it by mistake, didn't even notice it
>Fat girl starts yelling at me
>Older woman comes over and yells at me
>Tells me to lie down on this bed thing
>This time I get to relax my arm and it goes fine
>She tells me the reason why we don't win wars anymore is because men like me are weak
>Get out of there as fast as I can

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