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>it's another dysonfag episode

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>null vs null
hallo was ist daß?
wie meinst du?

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1) kinetic energy travels at speed of sound

2) the kinetic energy would turn into heat way before it got to the last ball

3) the gravitational pull exerted by all the balls would rearrange them, and make them wobble on their own, independently

4) kys

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What is this convergance bullshit we aren't rounding this isnt fuckin 5th grade.

[math]0.\bar{9}[/math] doesn't converge to 1, it converges to even more 9's. The fact 9 is a maximal integer is completely regardless to the fact [math]\bar{N}[/math] is not related to [math]N[/math]
if [math]\sum_{n=2}^{\infty} 0.9 \stackrel{+}{=} \frac{9}{10^{n}} = 0.\bar{9}[/math]
then [math]\sum_{n=2}^{\infty} 0.1 \stackrel{-}{=} \frac{9}{10^{n}} = 0.\bar{0}1[/math]
We cleary have all the information we need from various proofs and tests and all we need to do is consolidate them instead of continuing to pretend [math]0.\bar{9} = 1[/math]

As much as infinity is actually an abstract concept that mathematicians pretend to fully understand, they should also understand that there are different number bases like hexidecimal and that [math]0.F _{16} = 0.9375_{10} > 0.9_{10}[/math] where that every step of
[math]\sum_{n=2}^{\infty} \big( 0.9_{10} \stackrel{+}{=} \frac{9}{10^{n}} \big) < \big( 0.F_{16} \stackrel{+}{=} \frac{F}{10^{n}} \big) [/math]
proves there are numbers greater than [math]0.\bar{9}[/math]
and dont be retarded with
>i-if you mark on a number line every 9th, you'll eventually run out of room and just mark 1.0
cause if you try to do the same with [math]0.\bar{1}[/math] you'll eventually make it to 2.0 of you're that retarded, or dumb enough to say [math]0.\bar{1} = 0.12[/math]
like damn, fuck. 9 is not a special number that gets to play by different rules than all the other numbers.

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Necessary for what?

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Infinity is not a number, dickshit.

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>.9999 = 1 defacto!!!!
really niggers my noggin.

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How come some salts dissolve when coming into contact with water?
Is there an actual reaction/exchange between the salt and water molecules?

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>Sister is dating a guy in med school
>Still eats gluten free and takes excessive amounts of vitamin C when she gets a cold

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