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It's true.
>marry a woman because the two of you love each other
>get her pregnant
>now she loves someone else more than you
>you will never be the person anyone loves the most again, ever
Ask any mother. They all admit it.

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this guy EEs

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If its mathematically more probable the universe is a hologram than Jesus Christ existing the exact way the gospel says so, then indefinitely existence is like the sims, and you...ye are destined for reincarnation.

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>studying another man's ideas
It's called intellectual cuckoldry for a reason, mate.

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scientifically speaking, can he be refuted?

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can any of you guys refute his argument?
if any board can do it is you guys

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can /sci/ refute this logic thinker and his take on having daughters?

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I for one cannot think or comprehend of anything more c ucked than having a daughter, think about it logically...

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If I have dark brown eyes while carrying the blue eye gene and my gf has green/hazel heterochromia iridum. What eye color could our kids have?

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Well, first of all let's get one thing out of way.
Think about it logically...

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Whats it like having a genius IQ gf?

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If smoking is really that bad for you, why is it that despite the nearly 9 decades of anti-tobacco research and government attacks on it, not a single scientist has been able to prove that tobacco causes cancer or COPD in even a single animal or randomized epidemiological study, thus forcing the entire consensus to rely on self-selected epidemiological data without controls for extraneous factors (and even then of course the evidence is weak at best, compare Japanese or Greek lung cancer or COPD rates to the very anti-smoking USA). Curious thing.

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Hello /sci/, is there such thing as a logic with absolutely no flaws?

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>Tall people require more energy to operate, but their advantage in height doesn't end up with an increased ability to produce that needed excess energy, so they're energy inefficient, the worst thing in the eyes of evolution
>Tall people have more tissue to serve about the same functionality as everyone else, i.e being a human and doing basic human shit, so they end up being equal to everyone else but have a higher chance of errors from the increased tissue amount, i.e more prone to cancer without getting a positive trade off for it
>Short people have a more effective blood supply as the route from the heart to their brain is shorter, which is also evident by every scientist worthy of mention being what is considered a "manlet" and basically none being tall
>Humans keep evolving better and better means of utilizing their muscles since the first tool was invented, which keeps reducing the evolutionary importance of physical strength, while the opposite - mental strength, comes into demand

The only reason why the average height of humanity isn't around 5 feet right now is simply because females have failed to devolve the unneeded and inefficient selection for height from our primate times and are actually still selecting for it, as if we're a retarded primate that has to fight with other animals to survive.
>b-but that's false t-they are selecting effectively
If that was the case, STEM nerds would be getting mad pussy and the average IQ of society would rise by 10 points with every next generation, but that's not the case because the female mate selection process is blind to what is optimal right now and is rather tunnelvisioned towards what was optimal 50 thousand years ago, i.e they're selecting inefficiently, i.e the traits that are sought in mates right now are inefficient and not something you should be striving towards in the modern and future society

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Just think about it logically, how does [math]\frac{1}{2} = 0.5[/math] supposedly function the same as [math]\frac{1}{i} = -i[/math]

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Why are women who are raped more likely to get pregnant?

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