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Hello /r/MongolianBasketWeaving
recommend me a GOOD calcoolus book

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So space is defined as distance between objects, right?

Osmosis is the movement of a solvent toward a higher concentration of solute.

Is it possible that the universe is expanding due to some cosmic osmosis process, where objects move away from areas of high material potential and create space in the process?

Or relatedly, expansion into vacuum does not require energy. So objects might be free to counteract the force of gravity if they move away from other objects into an area that was not there before (i.e. a cosmic vacuum) thereby creating space.

Any thoughts?

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>Barnett is a common Jewish name.

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Hey /sci/, I dont usually post here as I only browse /fit/ and /a/ sometimes, I just fucked a math test today.

>have a whole year to study for an exam
>its an important one, finals or whatever u call it there
>so the exam starts
>be this morning, check that shit, HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE
>everybody else is demanding more papers, meanwhile i have no clue whats hapening
>im not dumb tbqh, but i havent tried to study math or science (the main stuff that we study) whatsover
>im defenitly repeating this year due to our countrys system

Help me /sci/, i wanna fucking be a god next year, give tips to proper studying

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I got 135. On other tests I got 140 and 151.

Suck it.

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Well. This thread is full of shit information and a bunch of autists trying to sound vindicated/important for wasting all of their time learning high order maths no one will pay them to utilize.

>implying theoretical physics being more obscure/"difficult" (lel) means anything or has any relevancy to OP's question....

Take it from someone who was rejected from medical school, dated a girl who went to (and did not reapply a second time because of how stupid her experience was) medical school, is friends with medical students, and ended up going to nursing school. I've observed about a dozen various surgeries (from oncoological to plastic surgery), I've worked 200 hours in the ER, and I've seen rural medicine practice as well. I guarantee there are many more experienced people but I've experience a fair amount so here goes:

Med school is bullshit. These are the only people who have any idea what they are talking about: >>7211099 >>7210775 >>7210727

If you're smart and you learned anything during gen sci. classes, biochem, anatomy physiology etc. the first two years will be easy for you. It's 99% a waste though when it comes to actual practice. You'll be better for learning it but you won't use it, let me explain.

Let's take a concept like how antibiotics work. You'll learn about how every antibiotic works in near obnoxious detail, then when you actually enter residency/ the field you'll forgo anything interesting you've learned and you'll just spend time memorizing which drug to prescribe for which suspected infection, aka you don't do any real thinking or use the information you spent hours learning to pass obnoxiously difficult tests (not to mention you're paying $40,000 a semester for info. you won' use). 90% is just, coordinate these symptoms to these positive lab tests to prescribe this prescription. It's a fucking flow chart. Snore.

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>literally wouldn't be paid

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>Philosophy relies on induction and deductive reasoning.

No, it relies on baseless opinions. Philosophy starts with subjectively unquestionable beliefs. A philosopher in ethics for example starts with "seeing animals getting rekt hurts muh feelings" and then cringeworthily tries to find pseudo-rationalizations and justifications for this subjective view. This whole kind of thought process is extremely childish and primitive.

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>The people who own Wal-Mart distribute like half of America's goods. They're some of the most incredibly productive people in the world.

Are you serious?

>If you don't show some gratitude, Atlas is going to Shrug, and then you'll be a penniless peasant trying to pull a horse plow with your own shoulders.

Oh good, you're not. Atlas Shrugging would have a far more negative effect on the people with the most wealth, and would actually benefit the people at the bottom.

You do realize that the ultra-rich get more in handouts than the poor, right?

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/sci/ why does cold fusion not work? I'm not asking for myself, but I have a political science professor who seems to think the entire science community is hiding something because her husband believes in it. I've never looked into cold fusion too much myself, because I always assumed that it involved getting more energy out than you put in. Can someone please answer my question, so I can keep her from telling more students that /sci/ is hiding something.

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> topologies need a zero element

You went more full retard than the OP. Please learn the difference between a topology and an algebraic structure.

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>tfw you've been breathing an explosive mixture all your life


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>Immanuel Kant's theory of knowledge is probably dominant
>As far as philosophy of science goes, the most agreed upon view is probably Karl Popper's.

Can you be any more ignorant?

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This isn't how clustering works. You're talking about running a machine learning clustering algorithm on some data to discern clusters <span class="math">but[/spoiler] clustering algorithms are non-convergent, <span class="math">inherently[/spoiler]. That's just how they work. That means that every time you run a clustering algorithm on some data you'll get a different number of clusters and they'll all be different. If you <span class="math">already \, know[/spoiler] what you want then you can tweak the fuck out of the algorithm to optimize it so that it more consistently gets clusters closer to what you <span class="math">already \, know[/spoiler] is the right answer. This is exactly how clustering algorithms are used in the context of race. The person implementing it will have already decided before hand what clusters they want the algorithm to generate and then they'll tweak it to get the ones they want. As everyone else in the thread has been saying, race is arbitrary from a rigorous objective standpoint.

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>nothing travels faster than light

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I honestly want our lord and savior to slap his shit.

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