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>no, because if some of these constants were even slightly different, and we're talking about astronomically small deviations here, chemistry wouldn't even be possible.
When you flip a coin 100 times the chance that you will get the result you get is very small. But no one is surprised that you got it because it's just as likely as any other arrangement. Saying that the universe could be different does not tell us anything. You need the assumption that the creation of the universe was like a game with the desired outcome being chemistry/life in order to say that it's unlikely this occurred by chance. Thus your argument is circular. In reality, chemistry and life are only special to us BECAUSE they are what occurred. Whichever way the universe was, we would consider it special or not be around to consider it at all. Either way, it's not actually special.

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>it has worked though, every onlooker is on my side, just like in real life when i give presentations on the topic

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960 pages to cover elementary calculus

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>How is pretending not to know disingenuous?
>not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.

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>drift with the gravitational constant

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>physically incapable of both trapping, yet not reflecting away an equal or greater amount of incoming infrared spectrum radiation.
You do realize that half of solar energy is not infrared right? It's visible and UV light, which CO2 does not absorb. When this hits the Earth, it is turned into infrared heat, which CO2 does absorb. You are literally dumber than an elementary school student.

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>climate deniers literally using a creationist meme as an argument

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>hey dip shit, are the economists saying its a problem for ECONOMIC REASONS or ARE THEY SAYING ITS A PROBLEM FOR OTHER REASONS
So you are trolling right? You think economists are winning Nobel prizes in economics for not talking about economics?


>thats only half of what i said, fossil fuels got subsidies because energy is really fucking important and we had world wars to fight
You mean "NON-ECONOMIC" reasons? Jesus fucking Christ, how much nerve do you have to have to be this hypocritical? Are you taking hallucinogenic drugs or are you really this delusional? Do you have any self-awareness at all?

>my complaint was you were acting like subsidizing green energy is comparable to that
So subsidies to create energy and fight wars = GOOD
But subsidies to create energy, save lives, and mitigate massive damage to the economy = BAD

Got it!

>the atmosphere dsoesnt give a shit about per captia you fuck wit, it cares about total
The atmosphere doesn't give a shit about countries either you fucking moron. Is the atmosphere fixing the problem or are people fixing the problem? THINK before typing.

>cool, theres also WAY more chinese than there are americans. theyre still a bigger problem.
This is like saying that China has a bigger obesity problem than America because they have more people and therefore more fat. Yes, the Chinese have to go on a diet while Americans can still stuff their faces until they have as many people as the Chinese.

>a country cant justify fossil fuel use if its rich
So do it already you fucking moron. It's somehow my fault that your argument to justify fossil fuel use fails to be applicable to the problem? When you look up Dunning Kruger in the dictionary there's a picture of you, check it out.

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Triggered much, schizo?

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>I'm a scientist

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>Satellite clocks desync exactly as predicted by relativity
>Therefore relativity is false
>Think for yourself!

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Oh look it's another finitard reduced to shitposting after getting BTFO.

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>IIRC claim is we have 40% more CO2 than before industrial era.
>That means all new man bred plants have luxury of needing 40% less water.


Oh wow, you can't make this shit up.

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>General Electric, a company which primarily manufactures electric infrastructure has a renewable electricity division
Gasp! Wow this changes everything. You sure showed me that Big Oil is making up global warming.

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>There's absolutely zero evidence for it.
therefor sky munchkin

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Oh god Natural News never ceases to amaze me.

>I've never seen a truncated y-axis before, this is so deceptive!
>Just ignore that CO2 has shot out of the cycle that humans evolved in and look at this millions of years chart
>See CO2 was much higher millions of years ago before humans existed, so it must be fine for humans
>Average CO2 levels have nothing to do with temperature, just ignore that the greenhouse effect is proven and I chose a timescale at which solar forcings are also significant
>It's the Sun and volcanoes! Just ignore that this is only true over timescales of millions of years, that solar forcing has been decreasing for decades while the temperature rises, and volcanoes's emissions are insignificant compared to modern humans'
>There are many scientists today that are concerned about global cooling, but I won't name any because I'm just making shit up
>The planet won't be destroyed by CO2! Just ignore that no one ever claimed it would, it's humans that suffer the consequences, not "the planet"

Are you a troll or are you really this stupid?

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Oh /pol/...

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>Retarded analogy. Faggots like you would have no problem with anorexia then?
Oh the irony. If I say morbid obesity is bad I must be saying anorexia is good! You just doubled down on the stupidity.

>And your "solution" would be to take food from fit people "developed/western world" and give it to already fat people "eastern/developing world".
>Americans are fit
>Africans are fat

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> 1<inf
>prove it

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>says the guy who think that 'A implies B if C' contradicts 'A does not necessarily imply B'

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>Per capita is terrible. Who cares about per capita when a country puts out almost half the total emissions of the world?
So if China was split up into many different countries you would suddenly not care, right?

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>under certainty of H, visit your friend
>under certainty of T, visit your friend
No. Again, visiting your friend includes betting on the wrong coin.

Under certainty of H you would ONLY visit your friend AND bet H
Under certainty of T you would ONLY visit your friend AND bet T

>if a solution is " immediately apparent" you haven't understood it.
I have clearly understood it better than you, my argument speaks for itself. If you need any help with your research, give me your email.

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>>anons like >>9945103 point out that his issue was with infinite steps in finite time
Retard do you realize that I'm both >>9945328 and >>9945103 ?

You are confusing me with someone else.

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