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>>using science to answer inquiries of philosophy/theology
Neither of these can answer any question. You are confusing the question being invalid with the question being in a different domain.

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triggered take-off-tard

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>Workshare on the programme was a politically charged matter. Tasks were to be distributed between nations:
>the United Kingdom would provide the first stage (derived from the Blue Streak missile), >France would build the second and
>Germany would construct the third stage [24][21]
>It would carry a satellite, which would be designed and manufactured in Italy, and weighted roughly a ton.
>The telemetry was to be developed by the Netherlands,
>while Belgium was to develop the downrange ground guidance system.[21]

>By 1969, the ELDO was beginning to realize that dividing work up by country led to not enough overall collaboration and had resulted in a disjointed framework of planning. This disjointed structure has been accredited as having been responsible for the lack of successful launch. In affect, there had been no single authority or group that was entirely responsible or in control of Europa. Notably, in November 1971, the West Germans publicly blamed the failure and explosion of Europa 2 upon immense divisions within ELDO.

el autismo...

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>A lot of experimental physics is entirely based on eyewitness testimony

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>Nowhere does it use the word “exact,”
Nowhere did I say it did.

>nowhere does it state that a probability distribution model is predictive.
It does:

"The climate system is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible. Rather the focus must be upon the prediction of the probability distribution of the system’s future possible states by the generation of ensembles of model solutions."

>It says quite flatly that the long-term future climate state cannot be predicted. That doesn’t mean “but we can predict it with our statistics.”
Yes, now read the sentence directly after, where it does.

>It does NOT affirm that the future state of climate can be predicted with statistical analysis
That's literally what it does in the report. It presents a CMIP model to predict the probability distribution of the climate. You couldn't be more wrong than this.

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>The problem is people becoming Americans and therefore becoming pigs rather than Americans being pigs

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>The medieval warm period happened globally
>Africa and Arabia are global
All you have to do to show it's global is show global temperature. But all you can do is cut the data up and cherrypick.

>so it doesn't matter.
>it doesn't matter that my data is made up and doesn't reflect reality
So you aren't going to post that image again right?

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>I said climate change not ozone depletion.
So you agree that ozone depletion is a socialist hoax?

>If you are forced to pay for a service you never wanted then that seems pretty tyrannical if you ask me.
Then everything the government does is tyrannical to you. Why is solving global warming "socialist"? Just argue that the entire government should be abolished.

>you're wrong! That study was even less scientific then you first thought!
How is it less scientific? And why are you ignoring every other study that confirmed it, including direct polls? Because you have no response. What a retard.

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>it's almost like even "deniers" have stricter publishing standards
>if you refuse to eat shit you must have good taste.

So to summarize, your graph is cherrypicking by ignoring all recent high sensitivity studies, which would only be done on purpose in order to produce a downwards trend. It cites non-published fake studies to further push the trend downward. And your only response is to project your misrepresentations without any basis.

Anything else you fucking pathetic shill?

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>gif shows Lindzen's model failing while real models succeed
>responds with Lindzen saying the models are bad

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>If you ponder these 'black projects' for a moment you will likely admit that they could very well be capable of interplanetary travel.

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5G schizo rekt

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Only a completely delusional retard would think this idiotic strawman exercise is working. Please keep making a fool of yourself. Please post more bottom of the barrel pseudoscience. This is hilarious.

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sls fag here but i have to admit to keking heartily.
on a serious note a lot of you underestimate the massive performance differential between FH and SLS for high energy trajectories with relatively light payloads. nobody is throwing up 50 tons to LEO (useless and wouldn't even fit in the fairing) despite spacex fanboys constantly circlejerking leo numbers. SLS may be a boomer design but it is a solid one that will get a good launch cadence going assuming the senate keeps throwing money at it.

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>have a genuine conversation
>with a femoid
You really are a kissless handholdless virgin then. By all means, give it a try, some of them have personalities and interests beyond getting bought shit and watching soap operas while they wait to get pregnant. But hoooly shit anon, you're a lucky duck if you find her, even among stem chicks.

Repeat, if you find a woman who's not functionally retarded, and who is of the same race, you lock that shit down.

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>climate change can be solved by central planning
Buddy here is literally asking for a one-world, illuminati-style authoritarian government with the goal of... [checks notes]... crippling Chinese industry, and enforcing a one-child policy in Africa and India. Good luck selling that one

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>can explain only 5% of universe

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>thinks Ad hominem is about being polite

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>thinks isotopes is a wet t-shirt contest
>hurr durr i saw tops

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>no, because if some of these constants were even slightly different, and we're talking about astronomically small deviations here, chemistry wouldn't even be possible.
When you flip a coin 100 times the chance that you will get the result you get is very small. But no one is surprised that you got it because it's just as likely as any other arrangement. Saying that the universe could be different does not tell us anything. You need the assumption that the creation of the universe was like a game with the desired outcome being chemistry/life in order to say that it's unlikely this occurred by chance. Thus your argument is circular. In reality, chemistry and life are only special to us BECAUSE they are what occurred. Whichever way the universe was, we would consider it special or not be around to consider it at all. Either way, it's not actually special.

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>it has worked though, every onlooker is on my side, just like in real life when i give presentations on the topic

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960 pages to cover elementary calculus

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>How is pretending not to know disingenuous?
>not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.

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>drift with the gravitational constant

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