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Where is your proof sir.....?
Why don't you post the proof
After you define your personal grand unified theory of everything that works with all the experimental data.

You don't have any evidence.
You don't have any experiments
The "twin slit" experiment proved light was a wave lol.
There is no photon.

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Close :)
I don't want or need money

I need a legal way to apply for government grants to build a large supercomputer and particle accelerator array.

I cannot pay for it myself or people will ask too many questions.

It has to look like a government run particle accelerator. So it must be done through normal channels.

So I need a paper to make it look like we are.looking for a subatomic particle that may (or may not ;) ) exists.

And I don't have the time to learn theoretical and abstract maths to the elite and beautiful extent that you demonstrate

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Just take the fucking lightpill anon.
For the love of God.
It's Quantumgate lol.
It's so awesome.
*Forces lightpill into anons mouth and massages his neck like when you you give a dog a worm tablet*
"Anon puts up a mighty struggle, desperately resisting accepting the true magic of light*

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