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Alternative Application for Metallo-Organic Framework (MoF) for Arterial Plaque Removal via Solid-State Pump Mechanism Designed to Attach to Cholesterol-Laden Foam Cells

One of the most challenging problems in medicine today may not be curing cancer or slowing the aging process, but rather the deceptively simple problem of arterial plaque buildup. Congestive heart failure and other conditions such as ischemic stroke and aortic embolism and dissection all have their basis in the buildup of plaques. While there are many existing methods for dissolving or dislodging plaques, none of these are able to achieve those ends without fatally damaging the patient. Anti-phospholids attack all living cells, not only plaques. Ultrasound has been found effective for dislodging plaques, but the act of dislodging plaques frequently leads to ischemia. Any medicially effective therapy resolving arterial plaques must therefore be specific to the plaques and must not lead to large chunks of plaque breaking off and lodging in smaller blood vessels.

Metallo-Organic Frameworks, which have shown promise as a chemotherapy delivery mechanism, I would suggest, have alternative application for resolution of arterial plaques.

The best current evidence that this is possible is the fact that plasmacytoid dentritic cells (pDCs,) despite being responsible for the initial arterial wall corrosion that makes plaque formation possible, have been shown to help to attrite existing plaques, presumably through the secretion of type 1 interferons.

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