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Hello /sci/ I'm visiting over from /k/ where the topic of EMPs arose specifically one caused by a solar flare.

Now I'm aware that a solar flare would throw out one hell of a lot of highly charged EM radiation. I'm just curious as to how a person could protect their home from those sorts of levels (which I'm guessing would be greater than any man made EMP).

A few primary questions are:
>If a home is self sufficient I.e. producing it's own electricity how would you best protect things like the solar panels or wind turbines?
>Would it be possible to build a faraday cage into the house? Such as building it into the basement?
>Would individual electronic devices need to be protected or would things like radios simply need to be unplugged? Does same apply to devices that are not plugged in?
>How much potential damage could a solar flare EMP do to the planet considering the small one in the 1800 caused substantial and we were less dependant on tech then?

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