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>how do I into career progression, preferably without jumping ship because I like where I work?
>pic related, the life being sucked out of me
If you like where you work and aren't prepared to move or travel, then that's the price you pay. Either negotiate, go elsewhere or put up with it I guess.

I'm in the same boat, shit pay compared to industry standards but it's only 10 minutes drive from home, and after 7 years of driving 500+ miles a week to get to work and back (and having to fill the tank twice a week at bong fuel prices) i'll take that for now. I'm reasonably comfy and still saving two thirds of my wages each month, so I can't be arsed looking for something that will pay more but leave me with even less free time.

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Is this a "black culture" exhibit?

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Is there another thread like this but for non-subhumans?

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