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Hello /sci/, total math incompetent here. This has nothing to do with homework.

If I had a certain fixed value that I wanted to split into three parts (or any set of shares, but right now I'm thinking three), and I wanted to see how the ratio of those three parts to each other changed as I assign different values to each one, what kind of equation would I be looking for? I feel like, as an ignorant, this is some kind of linear optimization problem.

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>GNU/Linux is communism

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>wtf happend with that lamb last year?
is this some passive aggressive way of saying there was some breakthrough? don't write like a homo please.

>people 10 years ago were saying that with laptops, 20 years ago with desktops, 30 years ago with walkman chink gear, 40... you get the point

no, people were predicting the internet and then it happened. people were predicting faster cpus and they kept coming out until it started stagnating. people were predicting more pixel dense screens and we got them until it started mattering because plateaus exist in the real world. anyway tech is so infested by consumerism i shouldn't have included that. you're right, the marketers with billion dollar budgets will step in and eventually they'll manage to convince the goyim they all need google glass. there'll be new things because stupid people need new ways to be stupid.

>med science
i don't question the medical industry with literal trillion dollar budgets is coming up with new treatments and building new gadgets and gizmos. the objective measures (lifespan isn't increasing, cancer screenings still don't even decrease mortality) tell a different story.

>space, ai, quantum meme

it sounds like you agree there's been no breakthrough and we're all waiting for some magic meme breakthrough. i agree space programs are retarded.

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