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I just picked this up on the advice of the wiki, as I'm going to go back to college soon.
I figured I was just covering my ass to make sure I have the absolute basics down, but I'm being absolutely slapped around by these problems, and I'm only on #7 of the entire book.
To be clear I am solving them, and (afaik) understanding the logic used to solve them quickly with differing (read:longer than ideal) amounts of examination afterwards. But I feel like the clear expectation based on the questions given is to be able to reflexively output the answers, and I'm barely even approaching that on the best of my responses, and I just feel so buffeted about by the different approaches and angles taken to determine the correct answer.
And this is what I assume to be the piss easy introductory tutorial of the easier basic math approaches in the wiki.
Jesus Christ this is what I get for running scared from math until I'm 26.
I fear that my ability to logically intuit these things will just run out of steam partway through this book, and I won't be able to advance, which scares me greatly. I actually did fairly well in math in school when I applied myself, I don't remember it being even remotely as difficult as this when I was engaged with the same subjects.
I know that children are capable of much quicker and more robust learning but what gives?
Were my schools (greater town area population of >250k in a semi-isolated area) just awful?
Am I doomed to be a brainlet now?
Am I just being panicky and this will all pass with sustained effort?

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Everyone seems to recommend this book but I can't see why. If you're a brainlet you can get much better explanations elsewhere and if you want to go over the fundamentals it doesn't go in depth enough

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i don't know if there's any books only about factorization, but you might like gelfand's algebra book


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Why is it so based?

Pic related.

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