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I literally just said that.
I tried to build a quantum computer.
I was also going to use it secretly for Bitcoin mining.

They are not real.
IBM and Google are just vaporware quantum computers.
They are pretend.
If you don't believe me.
Tell me how they work.
What are the electrical components.
What is the transistor. What language is it programmed in.
Do we have working ones. How many. What do they do?

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Are you in Australia man?
Me too.
We should hang out.

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Oh shit, I mean, michealson moreley was a hoax.

The experiment wasn't sensitive enough to detect the background electromagnetic field, or "aether"

But www.conspiracyoflight.com built a more sensitive one.
And it does detect the aether.

I meant to say.

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Everything we can measure from the lowest Planck length of a hertz sinewave(frequency), the lowest "infinitely" small unit of measurement we can take, to the asymptote of an infinitely small wavelength of that sinewave frequency.
These ripples are propagated in the background EMF.
Everything else we can measure is particles and mass.
There are no "massless" particles.
No "photons"
Light is just a wave.

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Why don't you explain to me what a particle is.
And there are different definition of particle depending on what quantum mechanical text book I read
With a different definition depending on which hoax scenario is being acted out.

Why don't you explain a massless particle.

Then tell me why massless particles are drawn by gravity into black holes.

I know why. It's because black holes act as giant broadband antennas and absorb electromagnetic radiation Such as light.

But why don't you tell me how gravity can interfere with massless objects.
I love a good impossible paradox.

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How does the transistor work?
What's it made from, how does the bios work?
How is the data entered?
What can we use this for?
Where can I look at the programming language?
What is an example of a quantum algorithm ? Like in the programming language you enter into the quantum computer?

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Man thanks for the greentext

>>>The VATICAN is using QUANTUM MECHANICS to try to prove GOD IS REAL but it's all FAKE

That's literally what I want to yell on every quantum thread, I am so filled with autistic rage haha.

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Except anon, that you're implying that the desired goal is to compute a solution, instead of computing every possibility. Given finite computational resources, "asset" management becomes a priority in the later scenario; given infinite computational resources then saving computational resources becomes irrelevant; but then mankind doesn't have infinite computational resources for the purposes of running universe simulations, let alone VR simulations.....

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If this is what they'll tell the public about, you have to ask yourself what's classified....

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