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>Flexes MIT but went to a shitty university for BSc, MS and his PhD that he never mentions.
>Is out of his depth in every conversation he has including his own domain, AI/ML
>Is more concerned with appearing like he's interested in science than actually learning any (exposed in Weinstein episode)
>Rides Rogan's dick unapologetically
>Hates that his dad has an ego, but his dad is actually intelligent and a productive researcher unlike him who just LARPs as one
>Talks about "love" and "robots that understand us" with the intellectual rigour of a 5 year old.
>Says he's going to build a social media that eliminates toxicity but is just LARPing

Is he the new NDT? His guests are excellent but when he talks he spews some of the most naive and retarded things. He basically has a monopoly on podcasts with world class thinkers so there's not a lot we can do.

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