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You see im more in the view the only reason society conditions the social norm to pursue post-secondary education ASAP after high school is to socially compartmentalize awareness of future workers, maximizing social control of future citizens in society. What you study and your work is a commitment, I wager this isnt something appealing to most 18 year olds, and with good reason: to gain experience and knowledge about the world before making such long-term commitments.

I also lastly question the mental maturity of 18 year olds or even 20 year olds to make "good choices" in terms of what to study. I remember what I wanted to do when I was 18: Become a rapstar. Had I chosen an education program at that point, I might of chosen a program like sound engineering, instead of a more valuable program with greater probability of greater returns. Can you say its fair to force anyone under 30 to make choices that affect long-term conditions in terms of education programs ?

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Pretty sure it's just two or three trolls making the 24/7 bait threads.

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Why are pre-med/dental/anything health related the most insufferable students?

>Always asking questions with obvious answers if you read/googled it, probably just seeking attention/validation
>Always talking about how the class has nothing to do with their field/major
>Always acting superior to everyone and smug
>Always kissing up to the professors

I hope these fucks wash out, they piss me off. Do professors notice this and how do they feel about these people?

>The Virgin Scientist vs The Chad/Stacy Healer

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