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Just pick whichever one you want. This "thought experiment" is based on objects from a video game in which this scenario (a moving portal) doesn't exist.

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This kind of reminds me of Grandi's series (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandi%27s_series)), in the sense that by interpreting the problem (specifically the choice of which ball to remove) in different ways, you can seemingly find valid arguments for multiple different answers. As such, I don't think there really is a conclusive answer to the Ross-Littlewood paradox. The probabilistic version of the problem doesn't suffer from these issues because it doesn't allow you to choose which ball gets removed at each step.

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Does prolonged exposure to a virus increase the severity of the illness it causes, or is it simply that you either get it or you don't? Also, does greater exposure increase your risk of developing the illness, or can 1 single virion be sufficient?

These are probably dumb questions, but I'm a maths guy and don't really know anything about this kinda stuff.

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Yeah, in the sense that you're probably not gonna die from it. The economy is gonna be in very bad shape for a while though. I think there will be a rise in unemployment and quite a lot of businesses could go bankrupt.

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