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Not OP, reynold's number make sense, but lets say you were to look at some other arbitrary system, there's plenty of unit ratios you could come up with that would be dimensionless, but how do you determine whether a given parameter will be meaningful at all? Educated guesswork and experimentation based on what you're looking for?

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Dumb ass question but if iron was heated to the curry limit, exposed to the earth's magnetic field, and then cool down, would that make it slightly magnetic?

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So I've decided that a true goal of mine is to become a proficient programmer within the next 5 years. The problem is that as a young tard i didn't really pay attention in math class and so never really developed the mind set for it . Maths class started becoming quite hard for me after grade 10.

Can I relearn and develop a head for maths? what are some good resources to begin again?

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Can discrete mathfags explain Graham's number to me?

To my understanding, it is the upper bound to number of dimensions for which a certain combination for bi-colored edges must exist. But how can more than a handful of dimensions exist in the first place?
I thought we only confirmed the existence of like 12 dimensions. But according to Graham's number, there's an infinite amount of them?

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How do I know your not just trying to keep the STEM money for yourself?

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>math majors have to take programming classes
>engineering majors have to take programming classes
>even joe six pack can learn programming at a boot camp
>decide to major in computer science to learn to program
You realize how badly you are crippling yourself by majoring in meme science right?

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take a look on the pic OP posted shit head.
>Klein bottle
>Books on alg top
>not belonging to /sci/

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>when people call a regular ass vector space a manifold
>the problem has nothing to do with measure or geometry

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I currently have a B in Calculus so yes.

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I am utterly shit at writing lab reports. Please give me tips.

I struggle knowing how much theory to put in. I always feel like I need to derive standard equations. And I dont understand how to write up the procedure without essentially copy pasting it out of the actual procedure sheet.

Please help before I get another b and dead my gpa

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Should I go with CompSci or CompEng? What I'm really interested in is software but I'm afraid CS is turning into a brainlet field and my degree will become worthless.

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Helo interneet frens

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>( in the distrubitions sens)

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hmmmmm, think we are on to something

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>tfw good at math and cs and nothing else in life
feels bad man

anyone else know that feel of being a clumsy idiot in everything except math?

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because your asshole is pointing downwards causing the fart molecules to be trapped on your feet sweat altering the smell

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How bad is direct skin contact with 95% ethanol?

Just spilled a bunch on my bench and some got on my arm.

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>Bishop only has a 3-D clay model of the device

This kid is being praised for a lump of clay? Wtf?

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fug, we're 34.

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>he took the jewniversity pill

have fun being brainwashed brainlets

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>breeze through every math class in school
>breeze through calc classes in first 2 years of college
>actually have to study for diff. eq. but still get an A with pretty low effort
>still thinking i'm pretty hot shit
>take first real math class
>feel like i just hit a brick wall
>drop out
B-but I could have done it if I tried! I'm smart but lazy!!
Fcuking kill me

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why is it so come to fun in pussu?

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