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>It's the true philosophical position.
Can you describe everything "physical"? No? Is not "the true philosophical position" then.

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Radiation is constantly getting into our eyes.

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what should i be doing right now instead of browsing 4chin, /sci/?

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>falcon heavy hasn't launched once (1 time) since its test flight

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then it is fucking simple
Step 1. finish every course your uni offers on organic chemistry, synthesis of organic molecules, retrosynthesis and related courses
Step 2. go read up on synthesis and common practise that people used before
read shulgins book pihkal and tihkal
Step 3. go read up all the hive and rhodisia and all the other forum archives
Step 4. profit

>few extra hits of LSD

i wasn't talking about growing poppies more like buying bulk
weed is one of the most expensive since the price/dose ration is fucked

>Ban on analogues in the US
hmmmmm i don't know why seems odd that they are all gone

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>That's is your average pure math class in America.

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>world is going to be uninhabitable in 30 years

And that's a good thing!

Here's why: Good Riddance

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>normies are triggered by muh muslims terrorism
>normies are triggered by muh nazi president
>normies are triggered by muh black lives matter
>normies are triggered by diversity
>...by #metoo
>some youtube twat that happens to find a corpse
>some celeberty bullshit
>all while the objectively most evil regime in the history of mankind slowly solidifies its grib around the world

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I have a real analysis exam on monday spanning from chapter 3 on baby rudin till chapter 5 and I've barely started studying, will I make it?

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>applied shitposting
top fucking kek

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Assuming you are not bound by any physical laws, design a space that has the following three properties:
>travelling between two randomly chosen points always takes a finite time
>it can fit an infinite number of 3D objects inside
>it is realistically possible for normal three-dimensional interactions to occur (so you can't just say "just have 4D space" because attempting normal 3D interaction would be like holding two infinitely-thin pieces of paper and having them touch edges)

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