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I remember seeing posts on body building forum about supplements being bullshit, people looking for super foods and what not. Then a couple years ago we had the onion and soi meme. But I can't find many threads from 2017. What's the deal? One anon even did lab tests on himself proving onions to be a powerful aromatase inhibitor allowing more free test in the body.

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HS fag here,
>not underage pls no ban
My dream schools have always been big boys like MIT, Stanford, Ivy leagues, etc, but honestly I think the culture would be alien to me. I hear people are competitive in a snobby cuntish way that they want to you to fail so they can advance their Tech startup.

Considering my state schools, A&M and UT (Texanon), where I could probably stand out.

What do /sci/?

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lurker here, nice thread guys

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Yo Sunglasses anon, UTC anon here. I submitted your resume yesterday, sorry for the delay. Friends from a few other aerospace companies (Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, and Rockwell Collins) are going to float your resume around too. Just a disclosure, if UTC hires you I get a bonus, same goes for my friends and their companies.

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I know this sounds like a meme question but I'm taking an aerospace engineering class next semester and I want to get ahead because I know I struggle with calculus. There are a bunch of good videos online about aerodynamics, and I've been watching and taking notes.

What do you think /sci/? Do you ever watch online lectures?

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