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Hi /b/ I'm struggling with calculus 2, specifically infinite series and sequences. Basically i can do all the computational stuff but i can't understand WHY. This class is fucking retarded it's just "here take these series tests to get meaningless answer to continue with your meaningless life" i mean the nigga prof just said let the proofs for the math majors, you guys just have to compute stuff. Which is somewhat understandable

Anyway I'm just not satisfied. I wanted to read a real analysis book with the class but i just didn't have time. Can i at least read WHY the computation works? Like i want to look at the ratio test and say hmm the answer makes 100% sense to me. Or when i found out why the harmonic series diverges (proving why it's not bounded by looking at the graph)

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> I got the results from my high school a while back.

my highschool gave over half the students a test and you could not score below 130iq, everyone I knew scored around 150-180 shits bullshit. The fact that you believe that might even bump ur shit low LUL

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>doesent notice the argument was whether it was intertwined or not....not if its mathematics or not

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>I have an extremely high verbal IQ
>I also have an extremely low mathematical IQ
What does this mean

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Hey math niggers of /sci/ do you regret studying math? I always wanted to be an engineer but i changed over time and realised that math is actually good, but I'm afraid that i won't enjoy, I'm scared of fucking up my future because engineering pays better than math and there's a very slim chance that i won't become a teacher if i studied math.

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>tfw just realised that y of cos(pi/4) and sin(pi/4) are both [math] sqrt(2)/2, because cirle meets triangle of x=1, y=1, and (1^2+1^2= z^2) = (sqrt1 +sqrt1 = sqrt(2). In middle of this, so sqrt(2)/2

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"Milk and Honey" by Rupi Kaur might be more suited for your needs.

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> being this much of a triggered autist

chill out

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gcd(4024, 52)=4024a+52b

how do i find a and b

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whats a factor set

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Nope. I'm a retard who understands roughly 1/7 conversations on this board. My role is simply to reply to posts with a mentally retarded wojak. I have more than 50 at this point, all with unique filenames. I've even made some oc of my own. I quite enjoy going into stupid questions threads and replying to all of the questions with retard face. At least everybody thinks I'm smart.

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everything related to proofs cuz im a brianlet

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stick to drawing boxes in CSS, brainlet

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Beat him up, anon,

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