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If I have a point in 3d space how do I project it to a 2d screen? Say if I have the camera's position and where it's looking at represented by two 3d vectors. How do I covert any given 3d vector in the same space into 2d screen coordinate?

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>when you meet a girl who is probably smarter (and slightly younger) than you
what's the most /sci/ way to commit suicide

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Is EE more math intensive than Aerospace?

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where are the proofs?

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Question for chemists, is quantum chemistry basically watered down quantum mechanics? Doesn't seem like you guys have to take that much mathematics.

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>if you want to believe that genes can manifest on females that make them beast reproducers but result in a gay male if they were to have a son then sure

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How come domestic dogs can range from small to big but domestic cats are always small little fellas?
Especially when big cats are bigger than wolves.

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What causes OCD? Is it an adaption for a more dangerous time? Or is it just a lame chemical fuckup?

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Is the moon made of cheese?

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quantum mechanics or astronomy?

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hello science frens what's the latest news on cure for autism

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it becomes clear why you can't do it when you rearrange the formula

5 / 0 = a

a * 0 = 5
there is no way to solve this.

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Should I join Mensa? 140 IQ here

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How can I touch my 6500 degree Kelvin monitor without a problem but water at 373 degree Kelvin causes pain and first degree burns?

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>it's okay to sexual harass yourself
>but it's not okay to sexual harass another person

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Can chronic masturbation damage dopamine receptors in the same way recreational drugs can?

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