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You dare doubt my power?
*Shadows lengthen as as I show my true form**anon falls to his knees at the unparalleled beauty, his mascara running down his face*
"It is your theories that are based on nothing" *points to anon accusingly*
And the I raise up like a dragon
*Hiss, swipes with claws*
"Now leave my sight sir, lest my boot find your backside!"
And then I chase you out of the house, and I like fall over a small foot stall and you run into the distance, finally leaving me free to wander the earth....aimlessly*
And then the camera pans to all these hot chicks in bikinis right, and I'm like so high on uktraKET and cake that I don't even know where I am, why are our dicks shaped like mushrooms? Why are are our eyes transparent? Be both know why. Guns! And after climbing the white ladder (eating several Xanax bars usually shaped like the twin towers) we just kept watching that movie over and over in this hypnotised state like zombies and everywhere we looked the god damn teknofuture was where near as good as it looked in sci fi movies from the 90s you know the ones I mean like that "starship troopers" movie, you ever seen that.
Awesome. Supposed to represent hypernazism, like if they got it to work.
Ultranationalism or whatever.
All I know is that Denise Richards was in it and she is so fine oh my god have you watched that movie. Dayam baby. More like "starship Denise Richards and that hot red headed chick that gets killed by that alien and it's heaps sad and your so angry at the Jews but then you realise that it's money that's the problem.
Don't hate the Playa baby.
Hate the game.
And I don't know how she died baby.
It was one crazy yom Kippur you know what I'm saying.

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It's called "hybrid vigour"
Line breeding or "inbreeding" leads recessive disease.
Hybridisation is a.higher state of evolution, like how Asians can't get albinoism..
You have been watching to much porn.

Ask on a girl forum how many of them own eleven inch black Pringle can dildos lol

Most girls can barely fit 4 fingers.

They all own 6 inch dildos.
Giant penises are a Hollywood thing, and white guys in pornos have Giant penises too.
They get enlargement surgery.
Yes,.black people have bigger non erect.penis

You know Japanese girls probably talk about sex with a white boy and his massive 6 inch penis lol

It's fantasy. Do you think girls care how big your fingers are.
And.most.girls.are bisexual anyway.
Girls don't even have a penis.

This is all in your mind.
Black guys hit the gym, you don't.
And do you own a $20 penis enlargement pump?

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Lol, Greek mythology is human psychology.
Yeah, that is how we work.

I need a quantum physics paper. One that will pass peer review.

I'm doing some high level grant scamming to get a particle accelerator built.
I'm using Google's quantum hoax smokescreen like dr Randell Mills.

I need some of that pleb money.
I'm synthesizing precious metals with slow neutron bombardment.
Make some unstable short half life isotopes, platinum, rhodium etc.

Then I'm dethroning the pope

You in?

It takes a certain calibre of scientist to take on such a challenge.

I need to synthesise gallium so I can make gallium arsenide for a supercomputer I am building that uses "quantum' algorithms to look for files in infinite non repeating decimals like pi or Euler's number.

Long story.

But this Earth tech is shit lol.

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Which buzzword?
I'll use it lol.

I was trying to make it more visual,
I suspect you are trying to make me use the word "field" so we can spend 2 months debating what "field" means.

Haha. I have fallen for that before :P

"Aether was disproven by michealson morley brother, the Christian scientists in charge of disproving Young's twin slit experiment.

www conspiracyoflight.com" has the michealson moreley done with more sensitive laser interferometry if you need proof, or the method on how to do the experiment yourself.

So I don't use the word aether, although I would like to.

What do you mean by controlled opposition?

I would like to live to see humans go to the moon.
So I need to remove the obstacles in place.

The Vatican is that obstacle.
Quantum mechanics is the cancer of modern science.

You should help me :)
There is treachery afoot.

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