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>>nobody thought the stage could survive reentry and that is indeed the most groundbreaking part of what spacex has done
OK now we know you cant assimilate information properly. You dont even know the necessary burns Falcon 9 is doing. Open the pic and look at the steps.

FLIP MANEUVER + BOOSTBACK BURN : Tell me exactly what is so ground braking for the late 70s early 80s?

GRID FINNS DEPLOY : This is impossible. It is too advanced.

ENTRY BURN : This is how you avoid excessive damage to your vehicle. I know it is hard to fire engines retrograde in hypersonic speeds but it still can be done with late 70s early 80s tech.Tell me exactly what meme magic did they need then???

AERODYNAMIC GUIDANCE : O no those Ti fins are too advanced. It cant be done...

VERTICAL LANDING : The good old "Suicide Burn". This is the biggest challenge to overcome. I dont know how many times per second Falcon 9 sensors feed information to the landing software.
Sensors back then were well developed but the speed to process that information was lacking.
The landing software is not that complicated.

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