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They need to reveal the aliens first before they can release their new globohomo tech. It's part of the larger globohomo awakening narrative.

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This subject is too big for even people who consider themselves "redpilled". They don't want to see physical reality as it is and choose the blue (marble) pill and stay within the literal matrix in their mind. It's the same program that makes trannies think they are actual women, a lot of globe earth proponents are actually unironically trannies. This curved world resonates with them, a world that no one can ever physically observe in real life, a world without distinct up and down, good and evil, right and wrong, man and woman. Everything is "relative". It's all exclusively in their subjective mind and has nothing to do with our objective physical reality. They are mentally curved, queer, twisted, upside-down. This globe program is the reason why we even live in such a massive govern_mental nightmare, globohomo is full of unnatural unreal ideologies, charlatanry, and fairy tales. The globe is an internal state of mind, people are spinning around their own nonsense, revolve the government, media, and pop-culture (the sun), into an endless cold dark vacuum of nothingness. Look at modern society/politics, it's all twisted underhanded backwards retardation of the highest order, and people think "that's just how things are". No, it's how things continually spiraled downwards into the abyss for the last couple of centuries. Especially since the 20th century when they introduced the moon-stories. It was not about faking a moon-landing for national prestige, that's absurd and the powers that be don't give a shit about any nations prestige. They were interested to fake the heliocentric globe universe, that's why they did it. It's a govern_mental product to mind-trap the masses into their Universe™ in which these charlatans can invent anything they want, and basically have control over peoples perception of life and existence as such. Atheism, climate change, limited energy, evolution, big bang, all imagical globe-based mindviruses.

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