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>This is not really eugenics.

eugenics is fake
thats why they do it that way.

All they need is a reason
> either to inject
> or to euthanize

You only need a narrative and then you produce the "problems".

Eugenics was a scam from the beginning.
It pseudo science.

they create the policies.
Then jump all the loops to make the the case to sterilize or euthanize you.

> feeble mined
> in germany there was a eugenics program
> in sterilisation copied from the USA sterlization laws
> "what is feeble minded?"
> a 3 year old boy who could not spot the difference between a drawn ladder and a staircase 100% of the times
> if the 3 year old boy fails this test
> they sterilized them

> now imagine hating a group of people
> wrong thinkers
> rebels
> you make officers show up at their home
> and sterilize their children based on these terms
> end of bloodline
> this is genocide

IT'S a trick to not directly tell the reason why they actually "euthanize and sterilize".

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