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>sex is fucking awesome
You're deceived by the reward of pleasure which is just a base reward no similar than drugs. You aren't assessing it objectively
>rejuvinating and energizing.
False. For men its followed by apathy and lower motivation because their evolutionary purpose has been fulfilled and the body forces itself into slow mode by pumping it chock full of prolactin.
>it clears neurotoxins
False. If anything it creates the potential for even more neurotoxicity due to dopamine hence DOPAC metabolism
>and floods the brain with a natural dose of oxytocin.
Which disrupts homeostasis and makes you have peaks and dips in it contingent upon your frequency of sexual activity thereby making you have less when you actually need it for social interactions. This is one reason many people are socially anxious after copulation and masturbation and one reason it forces pair bonding and reliance on the mate.
>so fuck your gay science shit lmao
Says the one who reiterated pop-sci brainletism probably from a buzzfeed article.

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>tfw you’re murdering thousands of sentient beings by not having sex and impregnating someone literally every second

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