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I am drinking whiskey and I'm in dyer need of intelligent conversation. Human culture or physics. Machining or atomic theory. Transhumanification or human extinction. Or topic of your choice @ five1five 4five1 649five. I just want to talk about science, not jerk eachother off by saying "we're smart."
Lets talk.

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I heard real analysis is the hardest math class you can take. Im in calc 3 currently. ill betaking linear algebr after this

My face when i have 80%-90% of these topics memorized

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One more bump to the top.

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you mean this?

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Oh my...

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i liek you

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/Sci/, thoughts?

pic somewhat related lol.

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There are glories to be had in our lifetime, you must be willing to open your mind to them.

Also, honestly.

>Implying any future conjecture of technology was ever correct.

Look at the "honest futuristic opinion" was of people in the 50's.

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You are given 8 identical-looking balls, one of which is heavier than the other 7 (all of which weigh the same). Using an old-fashioned mechanical set of scales you must identify the heavier ball using the scale as few times as possible. The scale is constructed using two bowls and an arm enabling the bowls to either balance or have one bowl rising while the other (and heavier bowl) falling. You can't just add one ball at a time thinking its one weighing, however, you may put any number of balls in each bowl. How do you find the heavier ball in only 2 weighings?

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Hey /sci/, can you guys think of anything new that I could do for a psychology/sociology experiment?

I'm going to a science fair sometime in Febuary so I want all of my testing to be done by the end of December, so I can't do anything long term really.

Do you guys have any cool ideas that aren't replications of older experiments?

Pic unrelated.

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Hey math and science geeks watch this and learn that ALLLAH is the creator and that the kabaa is the center of our universe. It all in the Qu'ran.


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I like OP.

He managed to catch the verry essence of /sci/.

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I find this one disturbing

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Hey /sci/
Any britfags do the A2 chemistry paper today?

How'd you find it?

Pic unrelated

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well, that solved my question, i guess ill be off now, toodooloo.

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