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Redpill me on the SLS. Will it get us to the Moon or even Mars? Is it better than the Saturn V in terms of thrust and lift capacity?

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BO are already competing, and apparently ULA even want to use their engines.

>In fact, the United Launch Alliance has reportedly been considering Blue Origin’s BE-4 engine to power its new rocket known as Vulcan.

And from the same link, apparently BO's engine is more powerful than SpaceX's:
>The BE-4 is also potentially more powerful than SpaceX’s new Raptor engine. The former boasts 250,000 kilograms-force (550,000 pounds) of thrust, while the latter has a sea-level thrust of 170,000 kilograms-force (380,000 pounds).

So yes I reckon ULA are completely fucked. SpaceX and Blue Origin will fight amongst themselves.

Also I just realised there's a fourth player, NASA, who are designing and pursuing the Space Launch System (pictured) - but it's incredibly expensive and may never get built. But if it is built, it will be by ULA and other government contractors.

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