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fuck off schizo.

That's not a property


That's not a property either

So how will you ever perform a scientific experiment on that which has no properties to test?

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>Which makes no sense since we are taking about the distance between the objects.
Okay you can "measure " them. Which again has nothing to do with what they are nor how they work.

>What medium?
Well it's not "nothing" is it? Something "fills" what you call space.

If it's one "singular" thing and contains many "different" things, where does the difference come from? They would be similar to each other.

>Every time you lie about what I say you lose the argument.
"Position in space and time are properties"

It's like saying that moving my table to the corner of the room gives it a different property. It can't be used to it's full potential, but it certainly hasn't been given a new property, it's stil la fucking table. Only "space" and "time" aren't real places to have a "position" in. You're just parroting nonsense at this point.

>Seeing something be different at different times does indeed prove time exists
>Compressing an air tank and watching the pressure equalize in an atmosphere of the same composition requires "time" to equalize the pressure.

Moron, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. That's what losers do by the way. They run away.

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Some of the hallmarks of a fascist govenrment is strong centralized power, militancy, and the use of conflict as a national unifier. Now consider what the government would look like if you declared war on millions of refugees.

Do me a favour and read at least the wiki page before you discuss literally anything in the future.

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>But I don't envy you
I never said "you" did.

>You come across as desperate and pompous.
For what? Clearly not pussy, lol. This is an anonymous imageboard by the way.

Doesn't matter. You can still be "Chad" if you can manage it. You don't see them wasting their time making fun of "incels, volcels, buzzwordcels" or shit like that because that shit doesn't matter to them. They are just "that way" and there's no materialism involved. They're just "on a higher frequency" to put it simply.

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>all these people that are philosophically inclined not to act like an emotional chimp are successful because they actually believe in not acting like a base feral animal born in the woods.
Let me ask you something. Without actually believing in something greater, how would we have left those woods and become what we are today?
You alsohave people on the opposite end of the spectrum who are so devoid of faith in anything that they become suicidal wrecks. They actually believe they are more worthless from the standpoint of a feral animal in the woods. How is that not some sort of "philosophy"? How can you not have some sort of philosophy? Do you believe in nothing? From nothing comes nothing.

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>Vaccines are about making people sick, dumbing them down, and therefore guaranteeing yourself future business. It's creating a problem to solve a problem.
> They're a sham. And describing them as a "loss leader" is probably damn accurate.
Ah yes the infamous ((((((they)))))) who, despite having a conspiracy involving millions over decades, remain hidden.
>Anyway, vaccines clearly haven't provably done a damn thing
Yeah its just a coincidence that every time a community of morons like you stops vaccinating for a disease said disease flares up again in that area.
>they also never eradicated a single disease
What is your point here? Mitigation is bad because eradication exists?
>. And further, there's never even been a wild-type polio virus found, anywhere. Polio is not found outside organisms displaying the signs of polio, for all we know the virus is manufactured by our own body in response to massive toxic overload. Look at some of the shit that was going on int he polio epidemic. DDT trucks spraying everywhere and kids playing in it. DDT in the wallpaper. Mercurochrome on cuts and gargled, mercury and other shit in the water from mining operations, organochloride herbicides everywhere, diethylstilbestrol in all the dairy and even given to women. Estrogens modulate immune and nervous system development in children.
This is all either non sense. Your sanitation theory precludes any of this even if it wasnt.

People like you make me question having an unlimited political franchise.

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>Professor says chairs don't exist but then complains to the dean and gets me expelled when I throw a chair at him.
Fucking philosofags amirite?

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>Aeneida non legit studuitque
Now you'll tell me you didn't even read Ovid

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>There is no life there.
There is life here, ergo there is life on other planets
>we will never be able to reach an earth like planet.
We could right now, it would just be expensive and take a very long time
>implicit exploration of oceans
News flash, the bottom of the oceans is also a deadzone with extremely little life according to all current data. Moreover you dont have any grasp of boyles, henrys, or pascals laws.

You are a retard who has never once read any relevant literature.

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Anon, if you can't get an A on all your exams without studying, you're probably retarded and you should give up now.

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You could answer this question for yourself in 30 seconds of cursory google searching and 15 minutes of reading, hell you could even spend an hour or two plotting by hand. All of this could be done for yourself. People who refuse to self help in the information age need to kill themselves.

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>No you!!!!

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>wants to have sexual encounters with women

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How does economics not make use of the scientific method? Or is it that you've never studied any economics? Go to bed, brainlet.

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>don't look like an autist making click sounds

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Nice try brainlets, but it's perfectly clear you're all sub-190 IQ sub-humans.

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>wanting a gf

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>he fell for the woman meme

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>hasn't yet suppressed his sexual needs for the advancement of science

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>wanting to make yourself 40iq points dumber

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