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>That way you can immediately cut through the misrepresentations they employ.
I suppose you're already familiar with the mainstream view. Can you thus debunk this comment under that video of Fred Hoyle?
> Gravity is the first enemy of the pseudo-scientific invention of the Big Bang theory. An infinitely massive, small point of infinite gravity (known as singularity) cannot expand in time and space. Gravity prevents it. The second enemy is “space”. Where there is no space cannot exists a singularity. The third enemy is “time”. Where there is no time cannot be any change at all. If at the same time, appear time, space and singularity we have a magical act, without known origin. Those who believe in the Big Bang theory believe in Magic. It is more rational to believe in a God
I also read an explanation to why the visible universe is already bigger than it could be according to the bbt (you probably heard of the farthest galaxies running away faster than the speed of light) - the explanation was that it's not object flying away from eachother, but the space itself expanding.
But to this I read an alternative theory, which asked the question "doesn't the metre we use expand as well?" so they recalculated all the formulas and got completely different picture:

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