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Here's a logical argument regarding AI and consciousness. I'd like to hear your opinion.

1. Take a human with consciousness.
2. If humans are just automata you can replace this human with an equivalent computer.
3. Every computer can be replaced by an equivalent Chinese room (another famous thought experiment)
4. A Chinese room does not have consciousness.
5. Therefore any conscious human can be replaced equivalently by something non-conscious.

This apparent contradiction can only be resolved by either
a) Philosophical zombies are real.
b) Step 2 was wrong.

Which one is it, /sci/?

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This maybe more of a philosophical question but it's also about quantum mechanics, aliens, consciousness and extra dimensions.

What exactly is the mental world (a priori) as opposed to the physical world (a posteriori) and how do they interact? Is it an extra dimension mathematically? Does it have to obey any physical laws or can for example thoughts be faster than light? After all no spatial distances are traveled in the mental sphere. What about aliens as extra dimensional beings residing in mental space? Could some thoughts be induced by aliens? Maybe that would explain qualia. The interaction with the physical world is also interesting. It happens in quantum mechanical measurement for example.


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what if, like... WE'RE the aliens man... whoa

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