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/sci/, please help me, I feel like a fucking retard for not getting this. I have to solve an Ideal Transformer problem and solve for the voltage at the loops and the current flowing through each side. I thought I understood this, but we have to submit our answer online and it doesn't accept what i'm coming up with.

We're given the voltage source Vs= 40sin(wt), R1= 128 Ohms, R2= 15 Ohms and the loop ratio is 4:1 from left to right. Everything in each side is linear and said to follow the same frequency while ignoring loss and all that, so finding sin(wt) is unnecessary. It seems like a really simple problem.

So shouldn't then the voltage V1 also be 40sin(wt) and the current V1/R1? and the ratio of V1/V2 equal to the loop ratio? So V2=10sinwt and so on? Those answers aren't accepted so I think I must be missing something. Either that or my professor just fucked something up, but it seems more likely that I'm the one making a mistake.

Sorry for the shitty mspaint drawing.

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