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Choose one and explain why.

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>The best we can do is action potential - but that would imply that all humans are chemical processes and there's no true sentience.
Ah yes, the Integrated Information theory. Our best guess at thoughts, mind and sentience yet.

Sentience could emerge from the electro-chemical process. The idea that our thoughts Comes from outside in some kinda radio-sense seems silly and pseudoscientific in the light of recent discoveries of the interactons between Neurons and that we already successfully simulated instincts of some animals already. Instincts are the Fundament of thought after all. And thirdly one as to proof such brain-radio functions and until None were given while those who propses that thoughts stem from the interactions of the brainare proven more and more.

I think Thomas Metzinger wrote a good book about that.

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Not him, but consciousness occurs inside he brain, probably between the thalamus and the cerebel cortex.
It does not occur inside a stone.

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Kantian idealism, temporal scrutiny, information integration theory, plant consciousness, mindfulness meditation, triune brain.

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Firstly, all living things, including plants, are conscious. If you deny this you're an anthropocentric retard. Secondly, phenomenology is real and the phenomenal experience of adjacent organisms effect each other via signals we have no knowledge of, e.g. life in the Pacific northwest has its particular character because the organisms there, predominantly trees, have developed a particular mode consciousness through their millions of years of existence. As more beings go through the same grooves of particular experience there is a widening in scope and potential for recurrence of such phenomena.

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Image explaining the integrated information theory

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*500 milliseconds

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