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You are believing that the roman catholic empire, the only entity with the jesuits possesed the ability to read ancient greek texts, and they wrote all history books and ruled all over europe.
And you really believe that they accurately depicted the past and present?
You really believe that?

"Little Ice Age" arround """1300"""" AD.
> semi cataclysmic event
> presumably vulcano or whatever
> atmosphere cools down for multiple years
> ice age
> no summer
> no crops people starve
> People from the Northern parts migrated to the southern places
> Catholic empire ruled there
> feared sharing resources or pilgerage
> lightbulb.png
> invented pestilence
> poisoned wells
> people got sick
> claim it's the pestilence
> send Pestdoctors out
> Pest docs give people """medicine""" called Pestiline
> its achshually mercury
> s. http://www.doctorsreview.com/history/doctors-black-death/
> topkek
> people die or get really sick
> people who refuse medicine have to go in quarantine or have to get tested
> in case of infection people got executed
> how did they test ?
> blowing in the neck, and if you get goosebumps you have the pestilence and therefore die, get your property burned because your field "yields pestilence"
> then people starved
> imagine how many pagans they killed in that age
> "pestilence"

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>Diseases are transmissible, it happens all the time, everywhere

Go to village.
Poison water supply.
Everyone gets sick.

> Doctor comes by
> oh everyone sick
> must be da infection of the cunnilingugus vaginitis virus
> forces everyon to consoom """antibiotics"""

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>Doctors are in higher demand than ever,

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not antivax.
I'm anti pharma.
Anti scam.
Almost no """established medicine""" works as they promised.

> antibiotics
> cancer medication
> MS medication
> AIDS medication
> Lupus medication

Almost all courses of medications & tratments lead to suffering.
And then they claim "its the disease breaking through the medication, we need to increase the dosage".

Let me give an example with pox.
Doctors used to cut of the pox pustules with razors.
> kid with pox is sick, feverish and weak
> kid without pox is healthy
> cutting of pox will make kid healthy again, because no pox
> ???
> shitton of kids died
> created pox panic

Now when kids have pox, they just do nothing, but sleep, lotion to supress the itching and thats it.

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