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Has anyone tried performing quantum experiments on psychedelics to see if the outcomes are different?

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Why does light travel slower in water and other mediums? This makes zero sense. It's not like it's bouncing around and making its path longer, it still travels in a straight line. So what's the matter? Is water actually a time slowing device?

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>another rh thread
what's the riemann hypothesis and why are you always going on about it?

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Let's say we really really wanted to measurably and artificially alter some planet's orbit. How would we go about it while ensuring we stay safe here on earth?
This video
talks about how nuking the moon would be dangerous. What about other planets?
Would nuking them be enough to measurable alter their orbits?

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You have one question to ask a normie (who's uninitiated in either maths or physics) a question to determine how smart they are. What do you ask?

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Women in STEM:
>I suffer from imposter syndrome
>translation: I believe that I'm not qualified enough for this even though I know I am
So which is it then? Do you believe you're qualified or not? Can't have it both ways.

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It’s a hypothesis, and whites have lower IQ than Asians in general. Give me answers /sci/

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I'm sorry sir /sci/ is strictly a /greenie/ free board.

Outsider are not welcom

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i'm new into getting knowledge from books related to math and i don't know what should i get for vector calculus.

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The science says that Jews are the most intelligent and Blacks are the most athletic/masculine/biggest dicked. Therefore it is only logical to breed them together to create the ubermensch and castrate all the small dicked average intelligent effeminate white bois so they don't pollute the gene pool.

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1. go on linkedin
2. look up "data science" [city you want]
3. apply to any and everything with the green clock next to it
5. profit?????

Works for biotech, dunno why it wouldn't work for everything else.

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How do we ensure constant monitoring of schizophrenic people, given the danger they pose to themselves and others?
Perhaps we should produce bird robots who look and act like regular birds but have cameras installed in them and follow the schizophrenic people?

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My evolution professor told us that white people are "less human" than the rest of humanity and that they "have less feelings". He asked us to read about it but I can't find anything. Any guess what he meant?

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If you live, work, or go to school within 1,500 feet of a highway, you are probably inhaling highly polluted air which decreases IQ and causes many health problems, including dementia.


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Everything is made of chemicals and all your experiences are just chemicals in your head. Prove me wrong.

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lets say I'm doing my PhD and I find a discovery that would lead to a new drug. Is there a possibility I could gain royalty from this drug or would it go all to the University/PI that I am working under? A general overview on how this types of stuff would be helpful also.

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I need some guidance here /sci/. I've just finished my first lab rotation and when it comes to physiological concepts I'm pretty good and I can typically hold my own when I talk about them. When it comes to data visualization and math in general, I turn into a bumbling retard. I already went through the "I hate math and will never be good at it" phase and realize I just need to put in the work and I've started and am starting to appreciate it. The problem is I'm in an intensive course so I need to set up a good study plan. Can someone point me in the right direction on where to start? I've heard khan academy is good but I feel like I need more problem sets to work with and a better guided program. I'm pretty sure half my time is used looking for what to look up next.

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Whats wrong with frogs?

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Guys I'm freaking out. I'm in my first week of my first ever lab rotation and I need to write a personal protocol on an IP1 assay kit. I'm an absolute beginner and I have the pdf which is pretty step by step but I'm a bit of a brainlet and can't wrap my head around some of the terms or procedures. I only have tonight to write it out. Can someone with lab experience help explain this to me, I'll link the Pdf below.


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